Pre-workout nutrition

The diet and diet in combination with physical activity allows you to achieve the desired goal. A visit to the gym for the purpose of losing weight or building muscle mass involves a different menu, and a special regime for taking nutrients.

The value of food before exercise

Regardless of what goal is set – the nutrition should be correct, the final result depends on it. It has been proven that the success of any workout determines a balanced diet by 70 percent, and a set of exercises by 30 percent.
The right diet is the key to effective and proper training and the ability to quickly recover from possible damage and stress. The wrong diet will negate all efforts. A well-chosen diet during the period of muscle mass growth will provide: the necessary energy; muscle mass gain; endurance, productivity, concentration of attention; optimal tone.

When can I eat

The concept of "pre-workout nutrition" does not mean that you can eat a few minutes before the start. Physical exercises will disrupt the digestive process, and the quality of classes will worsen due to heaviness in the stomach and drowsiness. It is optimal if the meal is two hours before the gym.
Classes on an empty stomach will also not bring the desired result, due to lack of resources. If you can't have a snack on time, then in half an hour you need to eat something containing a large amount of carbohydrates, for example, fruit, yogurt or drink an energy drink.

How to eat to build muscle
  • The body's energy consumption determines a person's age and gender difference. Before training in the gym, it is necessary to take 200 kcal for women and 300 kcal for men. These calories should be obtained through the intake of complex carbohydrates (at least 70 grams) and protein (no more than 30 grams).
    The "right" carbohydrates are: rice, oatmeal, buckwheat (up to 65 g); beans, peas, bread with bran (up to 60 g); fruit juices, cottage cheese, apples, grapes (from 10 to 30 g).

    Organization of nutrition before and after classes for muscle building

    For those who perform strength exercises, it is necessary to consume a large amount of carbohydrates. Two hours before the gym, you need to take complex carbohydrates, which will provide your body with a stable source of energy. Also, the food should contain a significant amount of protein, which will keep the muscle mass from destruction. The right diet is the key to effectiveness.

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