How to organize sports nutrition for weight loss

For those who want to reduce body weight, it is necessary to increase the consumption of calories compared to their consumption. However, this does not mean that it is necessary to refrain from eating before the lesson. It should be in two hours, with a minimum amount of complex carbohydrates and a large amount of protein.
Taking food before class, under load, the energy of the products will be consumed, and not the layers of subcutaneous and internal fat, so if you want to eat, you can drink a cup of sports drink or eat one apple. Such a snack will allow you to maintain an optimal pace at the beginning of classes, and then, if there is a shortage of energy reserves, the body will use the energy released during the breakdown of fat cells.
Doing sport on an empty stomach, a person will not have enough strength to perform the whole complex, the training will be less effective.
As an additional stimulant before training, you can drink a glass of tea without sugar or a cup of black coffee. This will increase the production of epinephrine for proper breakdown of fat deposits.
Fat burners are very popular all over the world. In pharmacies, sports nutrition stores, you can find a fairly large assortment of these products. Not every athlete knows how to choose the right fat burner that will be effective and will not harm health.
Try to take in account that all dairy products should be with a minimum fat content, meat baked or boiled. When choosing fruits, give preference to those that have a green color and freshly squeezed juices, and not bought in the store. If there is no time to make juice, it is better to replace it with a glass of clean water.
After an evening visit to the gym, you can take easily digestible food, this will allow you to restore the energy spent: fruits and their juices; gainers, protein shakes, cereal bars.
At the end of morning classes, it is necessary to take a standard portion of protein-carbohydrate food.

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